Aerial view of Queenstown downtown at dusk twilight, South Island, New Zealand

I call New Zealand home, two picturesque islands at the bottom of the world, very close to Antartica (and Australia). We have more sheep than people and the world famous All Blacks rugby team.

I used to balance the books for a few luxury hotels and retired recently. Travelled widely, often staying at hotels free, a perk from work.

I was born in Sri Lanka, home to Ceylon Tea, the best team in the world. and to our great dismay, some of the worst politicians.

I lived in many exotic and I guess what you would call not so exotic locations, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar. Yes, that Qatar who will host the Soccer World Cup in 2022, the bid they won rumoredly with a pot of gold .

Now I spend a great deal of time researching and writing about Climate Change, Health and Social Justice issues like Inequality, Poverty, Would love to hear from like minded folk, about how these issues play out in your parts of the world.

Let’s make something together.